I'm going to be posting links to different repositories that hold code that I wrote in an effort to show off a code portfolio.

Please note that there is more code that I am not allowed to share for various reasons.


GitHub Repositories

Recently, I've been working on an application that would allow the user to create a custom comparison of various options based on user-defined scores.
GitHub: ideal-engine (Meteor framework, ReactJS and MongoDB)
I've also added my grad school projects:
Computer Vision (Matlab)
Geometric Computing for Biomedicine (Java)
Computer Graphics (C++)
Advanced Machine Learning (C++ and Matlab)
Computer Architecture (Java)
Artificial Intelligence (Python)
And a couple project adaptations from when I was still doing computer vision research:
Makefile option changes for Bundler to run on Ubuntu 64 (C)
Bundler model to Matlab point cloud (Matlab)


Sometimes I write about computer science topics on my BLOG, so you should check it out!

Matlab Code

Most of the code I wrote in grad school is in Matlab; I added everything that I deem reusable on my MathWorks page.