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For now, there is only one poem for this section. I have more poems, but most are in Romanian and would break the consistency of the site. I will update this with other writing if I get the chance.

I wrote this poem for a Virtual Poetry Slam in my last year of high school in the hope that I will get a scholarship. I didn't win, but I was one of the finalists!


We fight for rights: the right to speak, the right to learn, the right to choose;
Each day we feel betrayed by others —
We ask for social justice for ourselves, we never think of others.
We do not care that we're denying them the basic rights we love so much...
We think we're masters of the world: as such
We do not give a damn on what they lose.

'Bipeds in suits, that's what you are, it's all about what you achieve.
Intelligence for you is finding ways to waste our futures fast;
You kill, destroy, and do not care whether the Earth survives your generation;
You steal our right to have our planet clean, that's what you are: you're thieves!
You're calling yourself human? Well, we are humans too... We're just
Humans today that have no suits: humans tomorrow without chance —
We're praying for salvation...'

'We are your children, we're children of the world, and children of this Earth,
We seek the rights your generation is denying us from birth:
The right to a clean Earth, no litter on the street,
The right to a clean air, no matter where we breathe,
The right to have green forests, the right to have a pet,
Radiation-free homes, and... the right to get fat.'

Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we'd better think of others,
Should think about poor children, believe that they are ours!
Be careful what we're doing, be selfless with the Earth,
More resources we're wasting, their future's getting worse!
More forests we are cutting, less oxygen emitted,
More factories we're building, more cars we're using,
Less air to breathe, and we all need it!
More animals we're killing, less smiles on children's faces,
Experiments with atoms mean cancer in most cases —
More resources we waste, the more they're losing...

All things we hurt? We drive them to their end,
The things destroyed? We cannot mend...