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ECHO was the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise student company I was president of when I was still in high school. A student company is a company simulation created and run by students, in which we designed the prototype of a product, came up with a business plan and a marketing campaign and participated in a competition for the best student company of the year.

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Pictures with our product HanRuc: the original prototype (left) and the expo version (right).

The acronym ECHO stands for Earning through Curiosity, Honesty and Originality, and our slogan was "Up to the peak". Our company produced HanRuc, an anorak that can be turned into a backpack and the other way around.

Picture Picture
Stand design and assembled stand from the Interlaken competition.

We won first prize in the Student Company Competition in Romania, and attended the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Company of the Year European finals in Interlaken, Switzerland. We also got to participate in the BucharestIZZ European trade fair.

Picture Picture Picture
Us at our product stand in Switzerland (left), with the UK team (middle) and with the Italy team (right).

A picture of our flyer, with the company logo and the expo version of our product.